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Pressure Regulating Valves

Pressure Regulating Valves

Pressure regulating or reducing valves (PRVs) help control downstream water pressure in commercial and residential systems. Each water pressure regulating valve is tested for quality and efficiency before leaving our factory so you know it’s reliable under pressure. Plus, a number of our PRVs are designed with SharkBite connectors to simplify installations and repairs.

Most Cash Acme water pressure regulators come preset at 45psi but can be adjusted within a specific range depending on the model. As the downstream water pressure approaches the set pressure, the valve will close off, not allowing water to pass through. As that downstream water pressure drops, typically due to water usage, the pressure regulator will open back up letting water through to recharge the system as long as the demand is needed.

EB25 Plus
EB25 Single-Cartridge Pressure Regulating Valve
EB25 Multi-Cartridge Pressure Regulating Valve
EB45 Double Union Temporary Bypass Kit
EB45 SharkBite Pressure Regulating Valve
EB45 Pressure Regulating Valve
EB25 SharkBite Pressure Regulating Valve
EB75 Pressure Regulating Valve
E41 Pressure Regulating Valve
EB25 Stainless Steel Pressure Regulating Valve
E3 Pressure Regulating Valve
Pressure Regulating Valve Repair Kits

Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves

Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves

Cash Acme is an industry leader in producing Temperature & Pressure (T&P) Relief Valves for water heaters or hot water storage tanks. In fact, we’ve been a trusted source of plumbing solutions for more than 100 years. Each pressure relief valve is tested for top plumbing performance, quality and efficiency before it leaves our factory.

Our products are ASME, ANSI and CSA (AGA) approved to protect water heaters from excess pressures and temperatures by discharging water. Thermostatic relief valves are completely automatic and reset after the pressure has been relieved.

Cash Acme offers an extensive range of temperature and pressure relief valves, with models that are perfect for home, business or industrial applications.

F-30 Pressure Relief Valve
F, FW & FWC Pressure Relief Valve
FWL-2 Pressure-Only Safety Relief Valve
FVX/FVMX Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve
F-95 Pressure-Only Safety Relief Valve
NCLX Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve
F-82 Pressure-Only Safety Relief Valve
VR20 Vacuum Relief Valve