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The temperature control valve between the vaporizer and service line regulator is designed
to cut off the gas flow if the gas temperature drops below a pre-determined point, usually
-20°F (144.4K), often caused by a rapid or quick gas draw. If the temperature drops below the
temperature control valve’s setting, the valve closes to prevent excessively cold gas from reaching
the service end of the system. In particular, the cold gas is prevented from contacting the finalline regulator, which is not constructed or intended for such low-temperature conditions. The
valve opens automatically when gas temperature rises above the set point.
The Type LTC temperature control valve is a double-port valve with a range of 0°F to -40°F
(255K to 233K) for low temperature cut-off. As it is subject to ambient temperature under normal
conditions, it will normally be in a wide-open position. A copper well is recommended for each
installation, which allows the removal of the capillary bulb without depressurizing the system.
Note: Valve seat closure may take several seconds under normal operating conditions. In addition, Type LTC
fails in the closed position.