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The EB25 Stainless Steel brings state-of-the-art water control technology to pressure regulators. The biggest
breakthrough is the simple numerical indicator that allows the exact desired pressure to be set even before the
valve is installed, making pressure adjustment a quick, one-man job. The EB25 Stainless Steel also features a
stainless steel, 100% lead free body.

With the most advanced design in the industry, the EB25 delivers rock steady outflow even with extreme
variations in supply pressure. Thanks to a patented single-cartridge design, the EB25 has fewer parts for
increased reliability, and it can be serviced without having to remove the valve body. The innovative design also
eliminates the water whistle or harmonic hum associated with most pressure regulating valves, thanks to
innovative “micro-fingers” that dissipate noise as water flows across the seat.

The EB25 comes factory set at 45 psi but can be manually adjusted between 20-90 psi.

Domestic water supply service.

Approvals and Listings:
ASSE 1003
CSA B356
Listed by IAPMO and ASSE
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