The E56 Piston Type Pressure Regulating Valve automatically reduces a high inlet pressure to a lower
delivery pressure and maintains the lower pressure within acceptable limits. The valve is designed for
water, air, light oil, gases (except steam) and other fluids not corrosive to brass. The E56 is exceptionally
simple in construction and does not have a diaphragm. Instead it incorporates a chrome plated spring-
opposed, balanced piston design. The balanced piston allows for extreme fluctuations in inlet pressures to
act uniformly on the piston, producing more sensitive operation while providing for closer regulation and
quiet performance.

The E56 is available with threaded or flanged connections in 2″, 2-1/2″, and 3″ sizes. The E56 is available
with a variety of factory set pressures ranging from 15-125 psi. The available spring ranges depend on the
spring installed: 15-50 psi, 40-60 psi, 50-110 psi, or 80-125 psi.

Large commercial and industrial water, air, light oil and gas (except steam) service installations.
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