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Watts Is An Innovative Manufacturer of Water Quality Products Including Backflow Preventers,
Regulators, Valves, PEX Plumbing, Reverse Osmosis, Radiant Heat and much more...
•        Water Safety & Flow Control
o        Balancing & Flow Measurement
o        Ball Valves
o        Butterfly Valves
o        Dielectric Unions
o        Faucets
o        Flexible Connectors
o        Float Valves & Components
o        Gate, Globe & Check Valves
o        Gauges
o        Hydronic & Steam Heating
o        Plumbing Specialties
o        Pressure Regulators
o        Relief Valves
o        Solar Solutions
o        Strainers
o        Tempering Valves
o        Water Heater Installation Products
•        Backflow Prevention
o        Accessories
o        Double Check Detector Assemblies
o        Double Check Valve Assemblies
o        Dual Checks / Dual Checks with Atmospheric Vent
o        Enclosures
o        Reduced Pressure Detector Assemblies
o        Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies
o        Test Kits
o        Vacuum Breakers
•        Water Quality Products
o        For Professional Water Dealers
o        For Plumbing Wholesalers
•        Drainage Products
o        Floor & Area Drains
o        Sanitary Floor Sinks
o        Trench & Parking Area Drains
o        Roof Drains
o        Green Roof Drains
o        Interceptors
o        Cleanouts
o        Hydrants
o        Water Hammer Arrestors & Specialties
o        Fixture Carriers
o        ProLine Products
•        TRITON™ Pipe Fusion
o        Control Unit
o        Fittings
o        Fusers
o        Accessories
•        Control Valves
o        Classic Control Valves
o        JM Control Valves
o        Mustang Control Valves
o        Stainless Steel Control Valves
o        Controls and Accessories

•        Potable PEX Plumbing
o        WaterPEX® Tubing
o        Manifolds
o        Stops and Valves
o        Supply Lines and Fittings
o        PEX Fittings - Brass
o        PEX Fittings - Poly-Alloy
o        Stubout Brackets and Elbows
o        WaterPEX® Fasteners
o        WaterPEX® Tools
o        WaterPEX® Accessories
•        Residential Fire
o        RF PEX™ Fittings
o        RF PEX™ Sprinkler Fittings
o        RF PEX™ Tubing
o        Sprinklers
o        Tools and Accesories
•        Quick-Connect Solutions
o        Connectors
o        Elbows
o        Ends
o        Manifolds
o        Pump Fittings
o        Specialties
o        Tees
o        Valves
•        Foodservice Products
•        Lead Free
o        Lead Free Directory
o        NSF Certifications