Cash Acme, Cash Valve  pressure regulating valves, relief valves, cryogenic valves and controls,
back pressure valves, backflow preventing devices, temperature regulating valves, vacuum valves
and other miscellaneous control valves for Steam, Air/Gas, Liquid, and Cryogenic applications.

We can also supply you with
repair kits for all your Cash Acme valves and controls.

Water pressure regulators reduce a high supply pressure to a lower downstream set maximum
pressure. Cash Acme has an extensive range of regulators, from robust high capacity commercial
products through compact residential models to economical iron agricultural products.

Our valves offer a wide selection of pressure reductions with initial inlets of 720 PSI and reductions
from 1 to 400 PSI.

Temperatures range between cryogenic up through 800°F.

Materials of construction are offered with Iron, Brass, Bronze, Carbon and Stainless Steel depending
on your application and diaphragms of various elastomers and metal configurations.

Whatever your pressure control requirement, we have the solution.  
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